About Only Neighbours

OnlyNeighbors is a social platform for neighbors in the community to connect & organize meetups. OnlyNeighbors pairs three to four families, one of whom will be the host of a potluck culinary event (ex. Dinner Clubs, Supper Clubs, Dining Club, Wine Club, Dinner Meet Ups) on a mutually agreed upon date, time & location. Our mission is to easily connect like minded neighbours living nearby by helping them organize social community gatherings.

With one’s complex agendas, it's sometimes hard to network with our friends, other school parents, club members and/or neighbors. A balance between our responsibilities and our free time activities are the secret to keeping a healthy lifestyle. We know most of us would like to meet with our neighbors to some degree, get to know them and exchange excellent experiences, moments that can lead to friendships of a lifetime.

OnlyNieghbours can be a solution. Learn more!